Want to become a Brand Ambassador? You’re in the right place. As Collaration’s Brand Ambassador you’ll get paid to represent one of the newest trends to hit men’s accessories, collar links. Enter in your information below and you’ll be considered for the Brand Ambassador jobs immediately after evaluation. As Brand Ambassador you get to wear and showcase our amazing products on your social media outlets and to the world. It’s simple, have over 10k followers and style out of this world and you qualify.

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If you are selected as a Brand Ambassador there’s a few guidelines you have to follow.

The Guidelines

  • Upload/Post good, quality pictures of you wearing Collaration’s collar links.
  • Don’t include pictures with your friends or doing anything unprofessional. The focal point should be on the collar links and your fashion sense.
  • Include the provided caption and order code on your upload/post and tag Collaration.
  • Post a minimum of 2 pictures a week of you either wearing our collar links or re-post a post from our page. Post between the hours of 9am-10pm Monday-Saturday.

The Reward & Perks.

  • Getting a free set of collar links
  • Earning up to 30% of sales from those who order collar links with your specialty order code.
  • Getting featured on our social media outlets and website.

Remember the more you post, the greater the out reach and the more commission you’ll make. All commission will be paid through PayPal on a monthly bases. 10k-15k followers = 10% commission, 15k-20k followers = 15% commission, 20k-25k followers = 20% commission, 25k-30k followers = 25% commission, 30k and up followers = 30%. All rates are subject to change at any given time.